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Februari 2018
Hakelverket Kök och Bar Göteborg

Ankaret Folk & World Jam Session

Take your instrument and come and for a beer and to play and exchange tunes!

19:00 - come for a TUNE LEARNING SESSION with norweigan fiddler Guro Kvifte Nesheim!!!! After that we jam freely. Also, if you come on time (andwith an instrument...or voice of course), there's a discount on stor stark, wine and some food. :-)

We play swedish folk, irish, scottish, balkan, greek, brazilian, whatever we bring up!

The session is acoustic, but if you play an instrument that needs amplification (for example bass guitar), you're welcome to join too - on an acoustic volume level! Unfortunately there is no equipment to borrow at the bar. There's an electric piano.

It's good to come on time! We need to stop playing at 22:00 because of the neighbours...But the bar is open so we can still hang out there until they close.

Now we also have a google drive folder where we can add sheet music and recordings of tunes we like to play. Don´t hesitate to contribute! :-) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VSx7imTNYY_5-WFJJEZXXnH4LcGmYp2B
Anyone can attend the session, no matter what instrument or level of playing!!! No need to learn any tunes to attend! Just come and jam :-)

How to get there?
Tram 3, 9 or 11 to Stigbergstorget
Karl Johansgatan 11 (old Café Hammok)

Looking forward to see you at the session!
They have a great linssoppa by the way :-)

The event is organised by Klubb Ankaret - folk och världsmusik i hamnen with a support from Kulturens (https://www.kulturens.se/)

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