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Scorched Tundra IX

Pustervik presenterar:
Scorched Tundra IX
Live: Eyehategod + Zombiekrig + Mammoth Storm

Pustervik - Göteborg
Lördag 5 maj 2018 kl. 20.00
Öppet till 03.00
Ålder 18 år
Scorched Tundra is proud to announce ZOMBIEKRIG and MAMMOTH STORM as participants in the festivals’ ninth edition, taking place May 5th at Pustervik in Gothenburg Sweden. The two bands join EYEHATEGOD; previously announced as the headliner.
Scorched Tundra’s mission is to give a new generation of talented artists a unique live platform in Gothenburg and Chicago. Scorched Tundra’s billing – based on sound not stature – creates a unique aural experience for the audience. “ZOMBIEKRIG and MAMMOTH STORM come from very different spaces within the metal world. Showcasing them together will enhance the unique aspects of what makes these bands special. EYEHATEGOD will bring the evening together in spectacular fashion. A new venue - a perfect host - Pustervik, is the ideal setting for what will mark the next phase of Scorched Tundra in Sweden,” states organizer Alexi Front.
ZOMBIEKRIG is an important part of Scorched Tundra’s history, performing its last show at ST II 2012. Vocalist Axel Widén’s unique designs are a strong part of the visual side of the festival each year. Performing its unique brand of old school thrash metal as a four piece, ST IX will be ZOMBIEKRIG’s only show of 2018.
MAMMOTH STORM has been quietly working on new material for the follow up to its pummeling debut Fornjot (Napalm Records). The band’s sophomore release will be available on Jon Davis’ (CONAN) Black Bow Records later in the year. MAMMOTH STORM will use ST IX as an opportunity to debut – for the first time live – material from that forthcoming album.
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Lördag 5 Maj 2018 20:00 Boka hos Ticketmaster
Visar platsen där evenemanget utspelar sig(PUSTERVIK). Positionen är angiven av den som lagt upp evenemanget. Scorched Tundra IX, PUSTERVIK


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